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NAIFA-SD Past Presidents


1931-1933 Homer Hiderbrand * National Life of Vt. .
1933-1935 A.R.Ferguson* Phoenix
1935-1936 J.A. Norris* N.W. National
1936-1937 Andy Palm* State Farm
1937-1939 Earl Lemonds* Equitable Life/Iowa
1939-1941 Art Mitchell* Penn Mutual
1941-1943 W.K. Beck* New York Life
1943-1944 Martin Beckers* Equitable/New York
1944-1940 Guy French* New York Life
1945-1947 Edward H. Downs * Midland National Life
1948-1949 George Lucas* New York Life
1949-1950 M.O. Lee* Midland National
1950-1951 Harry Denny* The Travelers
1951-1952 Loftus H. Ward* Bankers Life
1952-1953 John J. Stoia* N.W. Mutual
1953-1954 Don Blumer* Equitable of NY
1954-1955 Herman Ulrich* Lincoln National
1955-1956 Webb Weir* Equitable of NY
1956-1957 Ricahrd Kettering* N.W. Mutual
1957-1958 Harold Grant Central Standard
1958-1959 Norman Stordahl* Lutheran Brotherhod
1959-1960 Viorel Stoia* N.W. Mutual
1960-1961 J.D. Estes* Western States Life
1961-1962 Jack Berghuis* Provident
1962-1963 Paul K. Flanagan* The Travelers
1963-1964 Elmer Bartling* A.A.L.
1964-1965 Ralph Stiles* Western States Life
1965-1966 Robert E. Richmond Cont'l Assurance
1966-1967 M.A. Hoellwarth* Provident
1967-1968 George F. Merkel Lutheran Mutual
1968-1969 John K. Beegle* N.W. Mutual
1969-1970 Howard Winstead* Woodman Life
1970-1971 Thomas M. Seiler* N.W. Mutual
1971-1972 Marvin Winter* Nat'l Farmers Union
1972-1973 James E. Dardis* Dardis-Richmond Inc.
1973-1974 Lyle F. Martin* Western State Life
1974-1975 Dean Myers* A .A.L.
1975-1976 Robert L. Goeman* W. States
1976-1977 William B. Tyler* N.W. Mutual
1977-1978 Dale Oleson* Oleson Insurance
1978-1979 Philip N. Hegg* Fidelity Union Life
1979-1980 Darrel D. Anderson* State Farm
1980-1981 Jerome H. Gau W. Mutual L & C
1981-1982 Thomas Larson* Prudential
1982-1983 Rube Adam Western States
1983-1984 Ronald Staebell Williams Ins. Agency
1984-1985 Mark Heisner* A.A.L.
1985-1986 Vincent Allard* New York Life
1986-1987 Denny Rowley Kundert-Williams Insurance
1987-1988 Dennis Jarabek Woodmen Accident & Life
1988-1989 Dennis Westgard Investment Centers
1989-1990 William McGreevy Union Central Life
1990-1991 Rex L. Rolfing Lutheran Brotherhood
1991-1992 Byron Bymers* Equitable Life
1992-1993 Joe Hanson Woodmen Accident & Life
1993-1994 Leland Stoddard Aid Assoc. For Lutherans
1994-1995 Fredrick Meyer Western States Life
1995-1996 Paul Steffen Ohio National Life
1996-1997 Denny Sand American Family
1997-1998 Alan Bernhagen* Life Security Agency
1998-1999 Jim Waggoner Modern Woodmen of America
1999-2000 Dean Karlen Security Financial Life Ins. Co.
2000-2001 Rosie Harrington American Family Life Ins. Co.
2001-2002 Robert French Transamerica Insurance Investment Group
2002-2003 Larry Jacobson American Family
2003-2004 Courtney Livingston Thrivent Financial
2004-2005 Steve Bass Life Security Agency
2005-2006 Michaele McGreevy-Lawler McGreevy Associates
2006-2007 Terry Anderson Anderson Insurance
2007-2008 Scott McDonald Modern Woodmen of America
2008-2009 Merle Wollman Wollman Insurance Group
2009-2010 Tim Dardis Principal Financial Group
2010-2011 Doug Leighton Dakota Gold Insurance, Inc.
2011-2012 Michael "Milo" Hagen Hagen Ins.
2012-2013 Joseph Sztapka Modern Woodmen of America
2013-2014 Eddie Heisinger American Family Ins.
2014-2015 Jeff Skinner Skinner Financial Services
2015-2016 Calvin Sievers Thrivent FInancial
2016-2017 Blaine Anderson Farmers Union Insurance
2017-2018 Ken Beer Modern Woodmen of America
2018-2019 Jessica Blum Anderson Insurance
2019-2020 Lonnie Tutsch Modern Woodmen of America
2021 Andrew Bartling Modern Woodmen of America